Cannadips CBD infused pouches featured in Sweden’s Café Magazine

With the Cannadips web shop now offering CBD infused pouches to selected countries in Europe where regulations allow, this revolutionary CBD alternative has quickly gathered interest from various media platforms. One such most recent example is Café, a well-established men’s lifestyle magazine from Sweden comparable to U.S. publications such as Esquire and GQ.

Since the usage of tobacco snus pouches has been and is still very prevalent through Nordic countries such as Sweden, the format of an in-mouth pouch is not at all foreign to the Swedes. Naturally, when Cannadips was introduced to Sweden, the concept of CBD infused pouches that are used exactly like snus gathered instant interest. As Cannadips CBD pouches are made with hemp-derived CBD and are 100% THC-free, they are legal in the strictly regulated environment in Sweden – especially since Cannadips do not market any medicinal claims alongside its products.

Interviewing Felix Sundstrom, CEO of SpectrumLeaf (parent company of Cannadips Europe), Café magazine was able to gather comprehensive responses that summarized key topics to help readers better understand this new CBD snus product.

An example question was “How does Cannadips compare to CBD oil?” to which Mr. Sundstrom responded “Very good I would say, because the source of the CBD used in Cannadips is “cannaflake” – a water-soluble CBD that can be absorbed directly via oral absorption. The CBD bioavailability can thus be up to 90 per cent, compared with 10-30 per cent that oils normally have. 10 milligrams of Cannadips is therefore significantly more efficient than oil with the equivalent amount of CBD.” Cannadips CBD pouches come in cans of 15 pouches, with 10mg of water-soluble CBD in each pouch, allowing every can to offer a total of 150mg CBD each.

Café’s own writer also shed some light on his review of Cannadips CBD snus pouches in Natural Mint and Tangy Citrus flavours in the article. Some key highlights of his review include praising the flavours of the pouches, the effects of the CBD, and the lack of burning sensation compared to regular tobacco snus pouches.

For the full article in Swedish, visit the Café Magazine Cannadips online article here.

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