NicotineFreak: Cannadips CBD Pouch and EU Website Review

Cannadips Europe, the CBD infused pouches brand from California, recently received a detailed review from NicotineFreak, an online review platform that normally review tobacco and nicotine related products. However, the tobacco Snu-inspired Cannadips CBD product became of interest due to its pouch format and tobacco-free and nicotine-free contents.

The review covers the Tangy Citrus flavour, the experience when shopping at the Cannadips Europe webshop and the overall implementation of the brand.

“So this review is for something a little different – no tobacco, no nicotine just CBD.

Due to a lot of test shopping and bulk buys I’ve got quite a stash of nicotine pouches so though I’d see what else was around in a similar market. That’s when I came across Cannadips – like nicotine pouches – but with CBD…”

Visit the full review here.

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