SINCE 2016

Canndips began crafting our pouch-in-mouth products
in 2016. We are no strangers to the industry and are familiar
with tobacco dip. Putting the two together was a natural

Based in

Nestled in the heart of Humboldt County, California,
Cannadips is dedicated to delivering a delightful, nicotine-free
alternative to traditional tobacco and strives to provide
an unparalleled and enjoyable Broad Spectrum Hemp experience.


Located at the absolute northern tip of California, where
the Pacific Ocean meets the mighty Redwood forest is
Humboldt, a small but a uniquely beautiful & remote
region with a sparse population that has lived off-grid
since the community first settled.

Back to
the land movement

This group of settlers was part of the “Back-to-the-Land” movement,
which encourages people to take a step back from the busy city lives
and return to nature to sustain themselves in the most organic way possible.

Part of the
Emerald Triangle

Nowadays, Humboldt is part of the Emerald Triangle, well
known for premium crops from experienced and passionate
growers. These seasoned generations of growers continue to
innovate in ways well ahead of their time, resulting in
self-sustaining facilities with small-scale water reclamation
techniques and creative energy sourcing. This ultimately leads
to the highest quality strains, grown for their complex terpene
profiles and efficacy.

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