Cannadips CBD infused pouches
use a unique CBD delivery method
via oral absorption.

  • 150mg of water dispersible Hemp CBD.
  • 10mg CBD per pouch.
  • 15 pouches per tin.
  • Available in 3 flavours.


Cannadips CBD infused pouches
are carefully tested to
ensure they are

  • made with Only Natural ingredients.
  • Terpene Rich.
  • Pesticide Free.
  • THC Free, Tobacco Free & Nicotine Free.



THC Free. Tobacco Free. Nicotine Free.

CBD Infused Pouches - Starter Pack
THC Free
Includes one of each flavour & a limited edition gift.
Gift and discount only available for the first 500 purchases.

€56.70 €45.00

Cannadips Logo White - CBD Infused in-mouth pouches.

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The Original Smokeless
CBD Infused Pouches

American Spice. Natural Mint. Tangy CItrus.

Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Full American Single Can.
THC Free


Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Natural Mint Single Can.
THC Free


Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Tangy Citrus Single Can.
THC Free


Save 10% on each can
with a 4 pack

Or any combo of 4 or more cans.

CBD Infused Pouches - American Spice Four Pack
THC Free

€75.60 €68.04

Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused Pouches. THC Free, Tobacco Free, Nicotine Free. Natural Mint Flavour. 4 Pack.
THC Free

€75.60 €68.04

CBD Infused Pouches - Tangy Citrus 4 Pack
THC Free

€75.60 €68.04

What Canndips CBD
Users are saying

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3 months ago
(verified owner)
Finally a product with natural ingredients! Great job!
3 months ago
Patty S.
(verified owner)
One of my favourite flavours. Keeps the breath minty & fresh and lasts soooo long!
7 months ago
John J.
Great new delivery method and can feel it working! Love the flavor and convenience!

9 months ago
james H.
The taste is great. Its helping me not want to go back to traditional dip. Definitely worth buying
10 months ago
Joe S.
Just wish you had a discount every time.
10 months ago
jeffery b.
I had the citrus one...flavor was good just like a lemon head...didn't feel anything really at only 10mg CBD definitely need to beef that up. I did two at a time till I got to the last 7 pouches and then just checked all 7 and still didn't feel or notice anything goin on. So all in all it's a nice concept but just not for me

1 year ago
james m.
The flavor of Full American leaves one wanting. The taste reminds me of a bad barbeque sauce, heavy on the brown sugar. Don't misunderstand me, the effects are there, even with one pouch. The downside of this flavor is it's distracting qualities. I do not wish to focus on having a lip in, but the faux-smokey flavor subtracts from the sure quality of the product. Next purchase, I will be trying the citrus.
1 year ago
This stuff is amazing!! Tastes great and just enough to keep things mellow.
1 year ago
Ian F.
The best tasting cbd I've ever used. helped my quit chewing, reduce body soreness and Improved sleep substantially

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