Cannadips Europe announces official launch of its online shop for the original CBD infused pouches

Team Cannadips Europe is excited to announce the official launch of Cannadips Europe’s webshop! This will be Cannadip’s first official online shop and will feature the 3 signature CBD infused flavours including – Natural Mint, Tangy Citrus and American Spice. While Cannadips CBD infused in-mouth pouches may look like snus, it can in fact be the THC free, tobacco and nicotine free alternative for the traditional snus. Each Cannadips tin can will have 15 pouches in total, each containing 10mg of CBD and all natural ingredients. Each batch of Cannadips CBD shipment is lab tested accordingly and results are transparently available online.

The Cannadips Europe webshop will be celebrating its launch with a special promotion to thank the first 500 purchasers of the Cannadips Starter Kit (one can of each flavour).

In additional to a 20% discount, the purchaser will also receive a LIMITED EDITION Cannadips phone popsocket with each purchase, while supplies last.

Save some more by Referring a Friend! Cannadips Europe want to help both you and your friend to save! Sign up and receive a unique referral friend that, based on verified purchases, allow both you and your friend credits towards future purchases.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information and never hesitate to drop us a line to tell us what you thought about our products.

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