Introducing 8 new variations to its product line, including CBG Caffeine pouches.

Introducing 8 New Variations to its Product Line, Including CBG Caffeine Pouches

We have recently introduced 2 new collections to our product portfolio, with new flavours and CBD caffeine pouches.

With each pouch offering 10mg of water dispersible CBD that can be absorbed quickly sublingually, Cannadips was one of the first brand ever offered in the European market and has since gained success in 12 European markets both online and in-store. To continue the mission of promoting a nicotine-free pouch alternative, the brand has recently expanded its portfolio with new innovative flavours and different collections such as CBG Caffeine pouches. Cannabigerol (CBG) is a type of cannabinoid from the cannabis plant that may be associated with certain claimed benefits. CBG, like CBD, is non-intoxicating and does not impart a high. By pairing CBG with caffeine, Cannadips hope to provide yet another nicotine-free pouch substitute that can be used for the user’s preferred occasions.

We understand that in-mouth pouches (or Snus) is a lifestyle but also recognize that many users want to reduce their nicotine intake without changing their daily habit of pouch usage. This is why we’ve been working hard in diversifying our flavour selections as well as adding other solutions such as CBG Caffeine pouches. Since we cannot officially talk about the potential benefits of CBG, we encourage those who are interested to look it up and come to their own conclusions. To sum it all up, we aim to give back to Cannadips users by continuing to diversify our nicotine-free pouch offerings.

The latest new CBD pouch flavours from Cannadips include Papaya, Ice Cream Cake, Blue Razz, Grand Daddy Purpe and Pancho’s Horchata. This is in addition to the core flavours of Mango, Wingergreen, Tangy Citrus, Natural Mint and American Spice.The CBG + Caffeine collection is available in Mint, Mango and Mocha flavours. Cannadips will soon add an additional Terpene collection, which are pouches with only natural flavours.

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