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Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Full American Single Can.
THC Free


My favourite Flavour ! Packs a huge punch and seems to offer me the longest lasting flavour too.


Just fantastic!

Aaron Sankey

It's in my pocket now and I'm really enjoying the favour dark ginger and cinnamon with a hint of dark chocolate

Dean b.

all american red is a bit too peppery i think on my next order ill get citrus yellow

Kevin S.

Cinnamon was a little strong for me but all around good product

Yasmeen S.

Great flavor and last a long time. I little pricey per container for how many come in a pack but overall great product.

Zachary P.

This product has helped me with my anxiety.

Kessler D.

I liked the flavor but I would rather have a natural herb flavor

Anthony R.

Great product! The flavor is very good, it has like a smokey flavor to it but not over bearing. I wish they were a little bigger size pouch that's the only reason it's not 5 stars

Gabrielle M.

had a bad taste, smelled good, but taste could be better

Chris l.

Really good love it

Caleb G.

Almost gone already loving it!

Ryan C.

Really good product, wish it came in a stronger dosage, not sure if I'll like the citrus or mint but the all American flavor is interesting. Would love to get samples of the other two flavors 😉 but ya I'm going to be a continuous customer!

mikhail k.

Very good stuff! Workers well, it takes pain away and the sleep is amazing. Thank you!

Jeremy E.

Awesome flavor and worked great. It was my first time trying cbd and it was truly amazing. Will definitely be purchasing more. Highly recommend

james m.

The flavor of Full American leaves one wanting. The taste reminds me of a bad barbeque sauce, heavy on the brown sugar. Don't misunderstand me, the effects are there, even with one pouch. The downside of this flavor is it's distracting qualities. I do not wish to focus on having a lip in, but the faux-smokey flavor subtracts from the sure quality of the product. Next purchase, I will be trying the citrus.

krstopher k.

Amazing flavor


This stuff is amazing!! Tastes great and just enough to keep things mellow.

Josh F.

My only complaint is that there isn't an option for a higher mg per pouch. Other than that it's a great overall product.

Christopher T.

Flavor was really nice, good ratio of cinnamon, it wasn't overwhelming. I think the dosage is a bit small, more often than not I was throwing in 2 pouches at a time. I'd be happier if 25mg was the standard rather than than 10.

Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Natural Mint Single Can.
THC Free


Very strong flavour and last a long time too

Michael Farenzena

I tried this product today and I think it's incredible. I felt the strong mint for first, then the salt and CBD. It's a new and a very good product, for relaxing and pains. I recommend CANNADIPS products to everyone who wants to try innovative product to stay healthy.


Were using snus and nicotine pouches daily since the age of 14 but after 22 years of consuming one can per day I found this fantastic product. It’s now 9 months since I swapped my snus to Cannadips, my tobacco to CBD, is finally free from my addiction to nicotine and I have never felt better


Finally a product with natural ingredients! Great job!

Patty S.

One of my favourite flavours. Keeps the breath minty & fresh and lasts soooo long!

John J.

Great new delivery method and can feel it working! Love the flavor and convenience!

Ryan C.

Took about 2 days before I noticed a difference in my pain. I had disc replacement surgery in my neck and I also have 5 herniated disc through my spine. Nothing has helping with the pain until I tried this product. I've been pain free for 1 week now. Would recommend this to others.

Aaron M.

Love it, I would love to buy more! When will they be back in stock?

Thomas L.

This is amazing Ive been a dipper for about 5 years and have been looking for something better than normal and thanks to cannadips i found it this is the bet dip ive ever had it really helps me relax after a long hard day a work i love it

Kevin S.

They really help when I'm getting Anxious and irritated at work. Help me stay calm.

Steven W.

These taste great and offer some decent relief. Love the mint flavor and that the ingredients are all good stuff. Wish it came in stronger doses though.

Ronald M.

I use these as my afternoon floating dose. Love the handiness and the flavor! Get some and you will see too!!

Kellie L.

This is the first oral CBD product I've tried. I recently started to get anxiety. I've been reluctant to 6

John P.

This is an amazing product, you can't beat the price of the product itself or shipping costs. So happy!

Lauren L.

I have been using yalls product for about 3 or 4 months now and I've definitely noticed a difference in my overall mental health.

Jordan P.

think it may be the answer for be to be able to quit chewing tobacco

Timothy O.

Excellent product, lived up to my expectations all the way. I would recommend to anyone

Joe F.

Amazing product two cans a month habit... I'm a junkie

Shane M.

I am a very active 52 yr old, always sore. Started taking Cannadips after my workouts and immediately noticed a difference.!!

Tyler R.

Love the flavor and it seems to really work really well with my anxiety and pain

Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Tangy Citrus Single Can.
THC Free


Although I like the flavour to me this has the weakest strength and does not last as long as the other two.

Richard Crosby

A fantastic tasting and innovative product from a market leading company that takes you all the way to the redwoods of California. A great and tasty way to consume CBD!


Very fresh! My favorite! ♥️

Gary L.

This product is absolutely amazing. It really works for anxiety. Will definitely be purchasing the combo.

Carrie W.

We love the citrus flavor! It smells and tastes like lemon candy. Can't wait to try the other flavors!

Daryl M.

Customer service is there to back up a great product! Had an issue with shipping it to me and kept me updated the whole time!

John K.

Relaxing, anti-aniexty

Todd A W.

Great taste and helps me relax. Helps calm my anxiety.

james H.

The taste is great. Its helping me not want to go back to traditional dip. Definitely worth buying

Robert S.

The flavor of the pouch is great, very relaxing

Joe S.

Just wish you had a discount every time.

Annette L.

I got it due to getting teeth pulled. Could not vape my cbd so, my son found it and I use it when I can not vape.

jeffery b.

I had the citrus one...flavor was good just like a lemon head...didn't feel anything really at only 10mg CBD definitely need to beef that up. I did two at a time till I got to the last 7 pouches and then just checked all 7 and still didn't feel or notice anything goin on. So all in all it's a nice concept but just not for me

Kurt B.

This is the best flavor and last a while

Blake G.

Pretty good

Joe S.

Love it, plus it immediately stopped my craving for tobacco

Renie G.

Love the tangy citrus flavor...easy to take. Really helps with joint pain.thanks!! Hi Case!!

Gabriel S.

Awesome packaging, amazing flavor and fast acting. Will most definitely be trying other flavors!

Shari D.

The flavor is great if you like lemon/citrus. I was thinking of adding some sour to this to make it tase like to true lemonhead! Again would love higher CBD.

Ben G.

Love the product, would like a higher dose though. Seems a little pricey as well, but overall a great product.

CBD Infused Pouches - Starter Pack
THC Free
One of each flavour: American Spice,
Natural Mint & Tangy Citrus


Very nice flavours.


The full american stings a little but the other two taste really good, although I think the cbd doses could be at least 25 mg per dose if possible , cause I hade to take two each time


Taste good and works great to my anxiety

Daniel S.

Citrus 10/10, American 6/10 and haven't tried mint yet.



Andreas B.

Great taste! Especially the citrus


Good product I would like to have a higher mg option


Only just finished the mint tin, tasty flavour. Slightly expensive maybe, but great taste and lasts a long time. Around 3 hours.


Very good taste!


Spicy is the best taste.


Very happy with the cannadips so far. I just wish they were offered in stronger variants and also since I'm practically addicted to snus, I wish they would have nicotine in them so I wouldnt have to use them in combination with a snus pouch which distorts the amazing flavour. Overall, great product and I hope to ser cannadips expand far into the future!

Ingrid R.

I love the citrus one. The American Spice one is growing on me after the initial confusion as it's a mix of coffee/chocolate/cinnamon but doesn't really taste like any of them. Still sweet though and is the perfect after dinner treat. I do confess I don't like the mint one as it initially has a strong/almost bitter taste of toothpaste. When kept in the mouth for a while it however transforms to a more liquorice/mint flavour which very pleasant. So it's the sachet I tend to keep in my mouth for longest. I find that a few (not many at all) of the sachets have burst inside my mouth. And I wish there was more CBD content in each sachets. But generally a good product!!


The citrus one ruins my gums. Maybe it was something wrong with tje batch but I will try it again. They all taste really good

Java König

Found this CBD product a couple of weeks ago and totally fell in love with it. It’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone!
Helps me with so so many things:
1. Helps me handle my anxiety and panic attacks so much better then any medicine has done..
2. Helps with my sleeping problems.
3. Takes away almost all menstrual cramps.
4. Gives my days a smooth start without stress and all that stuff at work.

Gabriel H.

I got the kit with the extra can, I must have been one of the first customers in the UK, of wich I am very proud. (Would love a pop socket though) to go with the tins wich I keep as they are beautiful.

Aaron Sankey

I never got the pop socket with my starter kit but I don't think that was on offer when I got mine it's the best way or trying all the flavours


Gutes Produkt ,big taste!

Teo Kristensen

Kind of dry, but otherwise good taste.
Would prefer higher dose of cbd though as the effect is minimal until taking three in a row

Warren Savage

Excellent stuff, the effect are great - just having a 10mg product in your mouth for the amount of time suggested seems to have a much longer effect than a lot of 10mg equivalent sprays. Really good stuff, enjoy their products and wouldn't hesitate to get again.

Jonathan M.

Good way to try all 3 of the available flavours.

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