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  1. One of my favorites

  2. Tip top

  3. I Appreciate accurate dosage & original taste. Satisfyed!

  4. Love the taste of this but it’s expensive with the postage costs.

  5. My favourite Flavour ! Packs a huge punch and seems to offer me the longest lasting flavour too.

  6. Nice smell and taste.

  7. Just fantastic!

  8. Perfect taste, would love stronger versions containing more CBD.

  9. It’s in my pocket now and I’m really enjoying the favour dark ginger and cinnamon with a hint of dark chocolate

  10. alles amerikanische rot ist ein bisschen zu pfefferig ich denke bei meiner nächsten bestellung bekomme ich zitrusgelb

  11. Zimt war ein bisschen stark für mich, aber rundum gutes Produkt

  12. Toller Geschmack und lange haltbar. Ich bin ein bisschen teuer pro Behälter für wie viele in einer Packung, aber insgesamt ein tolles Produkt.

  13. This product has helped me with my anxiety.

  14. I liked the flavor but I would rather have a natural herb flavor

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  1. The best tasting cbd I’ve ever used. helped my quit chewing, reduce body soreness and Improved sleep substantially

  2. Flavor was really nice, good ratio of cinnamon, it wasn’t overwhelming. I think the dosage is a bit small, more often than not I was throwing in 2 pouches at a time. I’d be happier if 25mg was the standard rather than than 10.

  3. My only complaint is that there isn’t an option for a higher mg per pouch. Other than that it’s a great overall product.

  4. This stuff is amazing!! Tastes great and just enough to keep things mellow.

  5. Amazing flavor

  6. The flavor of Full American leaves one wanting. The taste reminds me of a bad barbeque sauce, heavy on the brown sugar. Don’t misunderstand me, the effects are there, even with one pouch. The downside of this flavor is it’s distracting qualities. I do not wish to focus on having a lip in, but the faux-smokey flavor subtracts from the sure quality of the product. Next purchase, I will be trying the citrus.

  7. Awesome flavor and worked great. It was my first time trying cbd and it was truly amazing. Will definitely be purchasing more. Highly recommend

  8. Very good stuff! Workers well, it takes pain away and the sleep is amazing. Thank you!

  9. Really good product, wish it came in a stronger dosage, not sure if I’ll like the citrus or mint but the all American flavor is interesting. Would love to get samples of the other two flavors 😉 but ya I’m going to be a continuous customer!

  10. Almost gone already loving it!

  11. Really good love it

  12. had a bad taste, smelled good, but taste could be better

  13. Great product! The flavor is very good, it has like a smokey flavor to it but not over bearing. I wish they were a little bigger size pouch that’s the only reason it’s not 5 stars

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1-2 of 4 reviews
  1. Yeah

  2. Good taste

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1-2 of 4 reviews
  1. Very fruity taste and smell of tropical mango, a snus that even the women don’t mind kissing.

  2. I like this alot. But maybe in the future it could also be 15mg or even 20mg of CBD per pouch.

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

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1-35 of 69 reviews
  1. By far the best one

  2. Gut

  3. Sehr lecker

  4. Very nice flavour.

  5. Strong and fresh flavour of citrus, a little burning in the beginning but goes away after a while.

  6. Although I like the flavour to me this has the weakest strength and does not last as long as the other two.

  7. A fantastic tasting and innovative product from a market leading company that takes you all the way to the redwoods of California. A great and tasty way to consume CBD!

  8. Very fresh! My favorite! ♥️

  9. Dieses Produkt ist absolut erstaunlich. Es funktioniert wirklich bei Angstzuständen. Wird auf jeden Fall die Combo kaufen.

  10. We love the citrus flavor! It smells and tastes like lemon candy. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

  11. Der Kundendienst ist da, um ein großartiges Produkt zu sichern! Hatte ein Problem mit dem Versand und hielt mich die ganze Zeit auf dem Laufenden!

  12. Relaxing, anti-aniexty

  13. Great taste and helps me relax. Helps calm my anxiety.

  14. The taste is great. Its helping me not want to go back to traditional dip. Definitely worth buying

  15. The flavor of the pouch is great, very relaxing

  16. Just wish you had a discount every time.

  17. I got it due to getting teeth pulled. Could not vape my cbd so, my son found it and I use it when I can not vape.

  18. I had the citrus one…flavor was good just like a lemon head…didn’t feel anything really at only 10mg CBD definitely need to beef that up. I did two at a time till I got to the last 7 pouches and then just checked all 7 and still didn’t feel or notice anything goin on. So all in all it’s a nice concept but just not for me

  19. This is the best flavor and last a while

  20. Pretty good

  21. Love it, plus it immediately stopped my craving for tobacco

  22. Love the tangy citrus flavor…easy to take. Really helps with joint pain.thanks!! Hi Case!!

  23. Awesome packaging, amazing flavor and fast acting. Will most definitely be trying other flavors!

  24. The flavor is great if you like lemon/citrus. I was thinking of adding some sour to this to make it tase like to true lemonhead! Again would love higher CBD.

  25. Love the product, would like a higher dose though. Seems a little pricey as well, but overall a great product.

  26. Great flavor!

  27. We like the citrus cannadips to put in our water glass. It makes it taste like lemon water.

  28. Best thing for constant migraines. Love this stuff.

  29. I buy this stuff for family members to try and they end up stealing the whole can from me!

  30. I was looking for something that would help me sleep and thought I would try CBD.
    It doesn’t help me sleep but it has eliminated my craving for chewing tobacco. I have chewed tobacco for 30 years and never thought I could stop.
    I prefer the Citrus flavor.
    Joe Snoll

  31. The taste is good. Unfortunately, I’m skeptical on whether there is any CBD in these pouches. I feel no effects like I do with my other CBD products.

  32. The citrus is the best in my option. Love not having to spitting out before I go into a building.

  33. We good helps me sleep

  34. I have anxiety and a hard time sleeping. I’m extremely sensitive and don’t take very much. I can’t even tell you how much these little pouches have saved me. They are the best thing to ever happen to me and I highly recommend.

  35. Best taste ever

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1-35 of 69 reviews
  1. Ehrlich gesagt ist dieser Dip so fantastisch und der beste, den ich bisher hatte, und ich werde diesen weiterhin kaufen. Ehrfürchtige Produkte

  2. Liebe dieses Produkt! Es liefert die CBD schnell! Nicht wie ein Essbarer, der großartig ist. Keine Wartezeit. Ich fühle die Erleichterung schnell. Ich mag den Zitrusgeschmack am besten. Cannadips ist definitiv meine Lieblingsmethode, abgesehen von lächelnden Blumen, um meine Medizin in mich zu bekommen. Vielen Dank, dass Sie so ein tolles Produkt gemacht haben!

  3. Aroma tritt glatt ein und liebt es

  4. Awesome after a long day better than ibuprofen that’s for shure.

  5. Great product! Citrus flavor tastes like candy. After one use, I had relief from joint pain of chronic arthritis. Using before bed helps with deeper sleep, as well. CouldnÕt recommend this product more for CBD users.

  6. It helps with my small headache’s not so much with my migraines.

  7. The cbd is too low in order to do anything, while the sample packet that came along with my order of 50 mg worked fantastic.

  8. It didnt make me relaxed or anything i felt normal i dont think it was strong enough

  9. I would to get more of it I wake up every morning for work with my hurting at 3 a.m I put one in an bout 3p min later I can feel my back easing the pain

  10. I bought the Cool Mint for my brother a while back and he loved it so much that I bought him the Citrus version this time. I promised my dad that the next time I get paid I will but him a can of Citrus as well. Amazing product!

  11. Took some right before court and it was lit

  12. Works very well. Amazing flavor. The only reason I didnÕt give it 5 stars is because it did take alarmist a week to get to me

  13. Love it can’t wait to get a new can of it would love some sickers

  14. Great products and would deff buy them again.

  15. I used a promo code so I got the high dose free but I love it I use CBD for my touretts and this stuff is one of the best CBD products I have
    tried also good taste

  16. Very good stuff can’t wait for my next order

  17. I like the lemon flavor a little more than the mint.. the mint has a bit of an after taste but no big deal..very convienant on the go.

  18. My brothers and I were excited to have something to try during our long days at our fathers sawmill. Its back-breaking work and we do our best to stay away from tabacco. Us three together had the tin finished off in the first day! They were amazing and had tremendous flavor. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a tasty and safe experience. I even had pain relief! I will be purchasing them on a regular basis!

  19. Excellent customer service! Probably the fastest response time that I have ever encountered with online purchases. Satisfied customer and will be buying many many more! Tangy Citrus is my Fav!

  20. This is my favorite flavor between all 3!

  21. I liked it and got because I could do it discreetly because it helps me with my cerebral palsy pain but the Cbd in it could be amplified a little bit because I had to put 2 pouches in my mouth at a time, because I put 1 in mouth and didnÕt help so I did 2 and then that really helped so if 15 milligrams or 20 and opening the can was kind of difficult I think redesigned the can that would help too because I had put my pouches in a empty dip can. But other then that it good product

  22. It kind of gave me a lemon peel taste in the back of my pallet, also had some of the pouch fibers come away from the pouch and was lose in my mouth.

  23. It really helps me with my shoulder pain. Definitely getting more

  24. I take it before bed. And sleep like a baby. And it doesn’t show up on drug testing

  25. Not a bad product, higher CBD content would be more beneficial for me.

  26. I’ve tried other cbd products but this one hits the spot I feel like it lasts longer too

  27. Bright and long lasting lemon-lime flavor. No artificial aftertaste and it’s a great way to unwind the nerves. The strong tin is a good and discreet way to store your bud too.

  28. It’s been helping me cope with my PTSD after I left the military. My anxiety and my mood have change for the best. Great product. Please make the citrius in a 25mg pouch. Keep up the good work.

  29. I seen no difference in taking cannadips or not taking it so i don’t recommend this product.

  30. Love the taste and it really helps for my pain. Can’t wait to try a different flavor

  31. I have tourette syndrome an since I started doing this last week it has helped me stay calm an not set me off. The CBS vape juice has never worked but this does. Love it

  32. First time in my 56 years ever using any thing like this. Was hoping to see an impact on things like anxiety, brain-fog….plus I’ll take any other positive impacts, but the two aforementioned are things you can pretty must get immediate feedback on. Thus far, I am a little shocked to say that not only was there a positive outcome, but it was more than I would have guessed. Anxiety just melts away as if it were never present, and my ability to stay focused improved dramatically. Two other things were also readily apparent, a surge in energy and also for the fist time I can remember I stopped procrastinating on little to-do’s and just took care of them immediately. I am now also experimenting with gummies and drops/tinctures to see how they work — thus far, for whatever reason, the Cannadips pouches have provided the most noticeable changes. Other methods are more subtle.

  33. I gave some to my family and friends and they loved it more than I did. Great product! I am an athlete and it helps with my pains and muscle injuries! You guys will hear back from me!

  34. I absolutely love it, I’m a Hockey player who has minor pains and this has helped alot, I also game 20-30hours weekly and it’s great for the immediate focus it provides I wish it came in stronger doses but the product also tastes great, if I could afford it more often i would buy 20 at a time, huge supporter though and looking forward to the future!

  35. Best taste ever

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1-46 of 92 reviews
  1. Top

  2. Super

  3. Natural Mint flavor is great but I would also like to try the wintergreen taste which is only available in the US.

  4. Love this, will buy more. 🙂

  5. Very strong flavour and last a long time too

  6. I tried this product today and I think it’s incredible. I felt the strong mint for first, then the salt and CBD. It’s a new and a very good product, for relaxing and pains. I recommend CANNADIPS products to everyone who wants to try innovative product to stay healthy.

  7. Were using snus and nicotine pouches daily since the age of 14 but after 22 years of consuming one can per day I found this fantastic product. It’s now 9 months since I swapped my snus to Cannadips, my tobacco to CBD, is finally free from my addiction to nicotine and I have never felt better

  8. Taste great. They improved my sleep. Yet a bit expensive.

  9. Finally a product with natural ingredients! Great job!

  10. One of my favourite flavours. Keeps the breath minty & fresh and lasts soooo long!

  11. Tolle neue Liefermethode und kann fühlen, wie es funktioniert! Lieben Sie den Geschmack und die Bequemlichkeit!

  12. Dauerte ungefähr 2 Tage, bevor ich einen Unterschied in meinen Schmerzen bemerkte. Ich hatte eine Bandscheibenoperation im Nacken und ich habe auch einen Bandscheibenvorfall durch meine Wirbelsäule. Nichts hilft gegen die Schmerzen, bis ich dieses Produkt ausprobiert habe. Ich bin jetzt seit 1 Woche schmerzfrei. Würde es anderen empfehlen.

  13. Liebe es, ich würde gerne mehr kaufen! Wann werden sie wieder auf Lager sein?

  14. Es ist erstaunlich, dass ich seit ungefähr 5 Jahren ein Schöpflöffel bin und nach etwas Besserem als Normalem gesucht habe, und dank Cannadips habe ich festgestellt, dass dies der beste Tipp ist, den ich je hatte. Es hilft mir wirklich, mich nach einem langen, anstrengenden Tag zu entspannen. Eine Arbeit, die ich liebe

  15. Sie helfen wirklich, wenn ich bei der Arbeit ängstlich und gereizt bin. Hilf mir, ruhig zu bleiben.

  16. Diese schmecken gut und bieten eine anständige Erleichterung. Ich liebe den Minzgeschmack und die Zutaten sind alle gute Sachen. Ich wünschte, es käme in stärkeren Dosen.

  17. Ich benutze diese als meine nachmittägliche Schwimmdosis. Liebe die Handlichkeit und den Geschmack! Holen Sie sich welche und Sie werden es auch sehen !!

  18. Dies ist das erste orale CBD-Produkt, das ich ausprobiert habe. Ich habe vor kurzem angefangen, Angst zu bekommen. Ich war nur ungern bis 6

  19. Dies ist ein erstaunliches Produkt, Sie können den Preis des Produkts selbst oder die Versandkosten nicht übertreffen. So glücklich!

  20. Ich benutze Ihr Produkt seit ungefähr 3 oder 4 Monaten und habe definitiv einen Unterschied in meiner allgemeinen psychischen Gesundheit bemerkt.

  21. Ich denke, es könnte die Antwort darauf sein, dass man mit dem Kauen von Tabak aufhören kann

  22. Ausgezeichnetes Produkt, hat meine Erwartungen voll und ganz erfüllt. Ich würde es jedem empfehlen

  23. Amazing product two cans a month habit… I’m a junkie

  24. Ich bin ein sehr aktiver 52-jähriger, immer wund. Ich habe nach dem Training mit der Einnahme von Cannadips begonnen und sofort einen Unterschied bemerkt. !!

  25. Liebe den Geschmack und es scheint wirklich sehr gut mit meiner Angst und Schmerzen zu funktionieren

  26. Ich genieße dieses Produkt wirklich!

  27. Es hat definitiv mein Verlangen nach jeder Art von Nikotin gestillt, nachdem ich vor 3 Monaten mit dem kalten Truthahn aufgehört habe. Es hat auch dazu beigetragen, meine Stimmung bei der Arbeit etwas zu stabilisieren. Meine Freunde, die es ausprobiert haben, haben mir auch gesagt, dass es ihnen hilft und dass sie es auch lieben.

  28. Als langjähriger Benutzer von Tabakbeuteln hat mir dies geholfen, die orale Fixierung, die mit Dip einhergeht, einzudämmen. Die CBD tut nicht weh, den Verstand ein bisschen zu beruhigen ____

  29. Toller Minzgeschmack! Ich fühle mich entspannter und treffe bessere Entscheidungen. Weniger Stress!!

  30. Wow, ihr macht es fertig. Das sind ein paar gute Sachen. Und zurückhaltend

  31. Cannadips CBD help me to discreetly prevent muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders while I’m at work, and it also keeps my stress levels low so that I can perform at my best in the high-stakes, fast-moving environment of being a software engineer.

  32. Kopenhagen kaut seit 20 Jahren. Endlich ein Produkt gefunden, das bei meinem Verlangen hilft. Wird auf jeden Fall mehr kaufen!

  33. Beste

  34. Liebe den Geschmack, fühlt sich gut an. Hatte heute etwas im Stadion

  35. Ich liebe die Cannadips-Minze. Es hat mir wirklich bei meiner Übelkeit geholfen, ich habe 2 Beutel auf einmal verwendet und es hat die Übelkeit in weniger als einer Minute beseitigt, es hat mein Zahnfleisch nicht verbrannt, wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Ich wünschte, der Preis wäre niedriger, damit ich mehr kaufen kann.

  36. Das ist viel besser als alles andere, was ich mir in die Lippe gesteckt habe. Es fühlt sich wie eine gesündere Alternative zu Snus an. Es hilft mir, mich zu entspannen, wenn ich mich hinsetze, um Kunst zu schaffen.

  37. Awesome product when I get off work every night great way to relax just pop a pouch or 2 on don’t worry about spitting and slowly begin to relax

  38. Dies ist ein tolles Produkt, hat wirklich mit meiner Übelkeit geholfen. Ich werde definitiv mehr kaufen, wünschte, es wäre nicht so teuer

  39. Gutes Produkt

  40. Ich bin absolut erstaunt, wie gut sich das auf mein Leben ausgewirkt hat! Endlich kann ich mich entspannt genug fühlen, um zu schlafen, zu arbeiten und all die Dinge zu tun, die ich vermisst habe! Es hat bei der Arthritis, der Angst und vielem mehr geholfen. Ich fühle mich wie ein neuer Mensch! Es hat mir auch geholfen aufzuhören zu tauchen, was ich seit sooo vielen Jahren tue! Vielen Dank an die Schöpfer dieser erstaunlichen Erfindung! Ich freue mich auf die zukünftigen Lieferungen ____

  41. Schnelle Lieferung und tolles Produkt ..

  42. Love the product. Just wish they were a little cheaper. Gave a few pouches to some friends and they all loved them too. I’d love to keep buying these but it’s a little too expensive.

  43. Ich mag es, es hat mir geholfen, meine Kopfschmerzen zu lindern, und seit ich es habe, habe ich nicht mehr so viel an anderen Dips gekaut

  44. Ich liebe das Produkt, der Geschmack ist großartig. Die Preise sind gut und die Lieferung erfolgt schnell.

  45. Es war wirklich gut, ich habe es genossen. Der Geschmack hielt lange an

  46. Der Geschmack ist großartig!

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1-46 of 92 reviews
  1. Sehr zufrieden und der Kundenservice ist großartig

  2. Ich liebe diese CBD! Es ist wirklich praktisch, einfach einen Beutel hineinzuwerfen und den Tag fortzusetzen. Es ist dünn, so dass es diskret genug ist, um jemanden anzusprechen, ohne dass er es überhaupt weiß.

  3. Ich liebe den Minzgeschmack, könnte aber mehr mg cbd brauchen, um stärker zu sein. Die Zitrusfrüchte halten nicht so lange wie die Minze. Die Dosen müssen besser versiegelt werden. Sie scheinen schnell zu trocknen, nachdem Sie sie erhalten haben.

  4. Qualität, aber ich wünschte, es wären mehr Beutel in der Dose. Die Dose ist riesig und kann problemlos 10-20 weitere Beutel aufnehmen. Das Hinzufügen von mehr Beuteln würde den Preis pro Dose für die Verbraucher auch etwas mehr rechtfertigen.

  5. Liebe es!

  6. Bevor ich mit der Band übe, versetze ich mich in einen ruhigen, konzentrierten Geisteszustand. Die Minze ist Feuer

  7. Es beginnt in etwa 10 Minuten zu arbeiten. Beruhigt mich, beseitigt Kopfschmerzen.

  8. Really liked the taste, like the high dose sample better only thing is only after I had tried the product I found out from asking on the website that y’all won’t garuntee me that it won’t make me fail a drug test so I can no longer use the product due to that fact

  9. Das Zeug ist großartig !! Es hat geholfen, Kopfschmerzen zu stoppen und nach Feierabend ist es großartig, ein oder zwei zu entspannen.

  10. Finding ways to balance life with having PTSD is a challenge at times. This product allows me to stay calm, relaxed and still maintain focus to work. If I could change one thing it would be to offer a stronger dosage for times when really needed. Out of all the CBD oils and eliquids for vaping I have purchased, this product is by far no comparison. This will now be my only product I choose. All Thanks to Outlaws YouTube video for bring this product to my attention.

  11. Ich liebe es einfach, wenn ich mir mehr als eine Dose besorgen könnte

  12. Verwenden Sie für chronische Kopfschmerzen, funktioniert gut!

  13. War sehr geschmackvoll und praktisch. 10/10 würde empfehlen!

  14. Toller Miesmuschel-Relaxer

  15. Die Minze war Marmelade voller Geschmack, aber ehrlich gesagt ist das alles, was ich sagen kann. Ja, ich weiß, dass dies eine Mikrodosierung ist, aber nachdem ich in der Vergangenheit CBD angewendet hatte, hatte ich mehr erwartet, was die Wirksamkeit betrifft. Auch nach ungefähr 5 Minuten, in denen die Zitrusfrüchte eingelegt waren, wurde es zu einem fast unerträglichen Geschmack. Ich war sehr überrascht, wie gut die Minze im Vergleich dazu war. Ich freue mich darauf zu sehen, wohin das in Zukunft führen wird.

  16. Es ist eine köstliche Minze, die ich absolut liebe. Ich hoffe, bald neue Geschmacksrichtungen zu entdecken und zu sehen, was ihr bei Cannidips tun könnt!

  17. Es hilft wirklich zu wünschen, dass es eine höhere Dosis war. Ich nehme 2 Beutel, um den gewünschten Effekt zu erzielen

  18. Super Produkt, liebe den Minzgeschmack. Nimmt die Kante ein bisschen ab und macht mir Angst.

  19. Absolut liebe es, ich schrieb ein anderes von diesen nur, dass ich wünschte, ich hätte das $ für mehr, es hat ehrlich gesagt großartig funktioniert, und ich versuche derzeit, $ für mehr zu bekommen

  20. Toller Geschmack wird auf jeden Fall mehr bestellen, ich wünschte, sie wären etwas stärker und der Preis wäre etwas gesunken. Aber sie nehmen Stresssituationen aus dem Weg und konkurrieren wirklich mit meinen verschreibungspflichtigen Angstmedikamenten.

  21. Genießen Sie die Aromen von Minze und Zitrone und hoffen Sie bald auf einen Beutel mit höherer Dosis!

  22. Toller Geschmack und Qualität. Der Preis für 15 Beutel ist etwas zu hoch, 20 Beutel wären ein besseres Preis- / Leistungsverhältnis. Mehrere Dosenrabatte des gleichen Geschmacks wären ebenfalls ein Vorschlag.

    So oder so, es hilft mir, langsamer zu werden und aufzuhören, Tabak zu kauen. Vielen Dank.

  23. Die Dosen für die Beutel sind super! Die Aromen sind auf den Punkt, aber sie müssen stärker sein. Wird mehr bestellen, wenn der CBD pro Beutel erhöht wird.

  24. Gute Scheiße…. Ich mochte die Probe Geschmack mehr hahaha ...

  25. Ich liebe und ich gehe schlafen

  26. I use CBD for G.A.D. instead of anxiety pills for medication, these pouches are decent but they’re 10MG so it doesn’t work great. I’m looking forward to the 25MG pouches, I hope Cannadips will produce a 50MG pouch in the future that would be my daily medication.

  27. Liebte sie kann es kaum erwarten, mehr Hilfe bei meinen Kopfschmerzen zu bekommen

  28. Es hilft mir, mit meinen Schmerzen aus meiner Frau umzugehen

  29. My husband is a Copenhagen Long Cut long time user. He was interested to see the effects of the CBD oil in dip form with Cannadips. He does not currently consume CBD oil in any form. We purchased the mint which he thought was too minty. He liked the 25 mg citrus fresh sample that was included and enjoyed the effects of the CBD. Snuff users typically do not want a sweet flavor. Suggest a savory flavor.

  30. Der Geschmack war gut, aber ich brauchte 3, um meine Angst zu überwinden

  31. Bestes Produkt, das ich je benutzt habe

  32. Ich leide seit 11 Jahren an Rückenproblemen. Ich werde nicht auf Details eingehen, aber ... Ihr Produkt hilft, die Kante abzubauen. Ich habe dank euch meine Dosis an Schmerzmitteln gesenkt.

    Vielen Dank.


  33. Hat den Geschmack nicht wirklich gemocht und ich als größerer Mensch habe keine Wirkung erzielt,

  34. Erstaunliches Produkt…. brauche einen monatlichen Abo-Service….

  35. Ich habe es jetzt seit 4 Tagen, ich habe 1x am Tag 3 Stunden lang verwendet, bis jetzt habe ich nichts gefühlt. Ein Mitbenutzer sagte mir, ich solle ihm eine Woche geben. Daher hoffe ich, dass es mir bald bei meinen Kopfschmerzen und Arthritisschmerzen hilft, wenn ich schlafe. Ich habe überall Schmerzmittel, Massage, Wärme- und Kältepackungen, Chiropraktiker ausprobiert und ich werde nicht zu verschreibungspflichtigen Medikamenten gehen. Daumen drücken.

  36. Es war wirklich gut für den Preis. Würde erwägen, wieder zu kaufen.

  37. Es schmeckt großartig und ist zu jeder Tageszeit einfach zu bedienen! Macht den Arbeitstag so viel besser! Besonders im Straßenverkehr!

  38. Schmecken. Funktioniert gut. Möchte nach Möglichkeit eine lose geschnittene Dose sehen.

  39. Toller Geschmack

  40. Ich liebe es!!

  41. Lieben Sie das Produkt und ausgezeichnetes Verschiffen empfangen Einzelteil innerhalb der Tage des Bestellens.

  42. Ich habe starke rheumatologische Schmerzen. Dieses Produkt hilft mir, nachts ohne Schmerzen zu schlafen. Es funktioniert tatsächlich besser als die Schmerzmittel, was mich sehr überrascht hat. Vielen Dank, dass Sie ein so gutes Produkt geschaffen haben.

  43. Schmeckt gut und hilft bei Schmerzen bei Plantarfasziitis

  44. Es ist wirklich sehr gut. Tolle Alternative zum Tabak. Ich höre auf zu tauchen und ich liebe es, dies zu benutzen, wenn ich Heißhunger bekomme. Benötigt mehr Verfügbarkeit vor Ort und, ich weiß, es ist CBD und es ist teuer, aber wenn Sie den Preis mit Dip in Einklang bringen könnten und ich dies an der Tankstelle kaufen könnte, wie ich es mit Dip kann, wäre das ein Game Changer.

  45. Tolles Produkt, aber für den Preis habe ich ein bisschen mehr Beutel erwartet. Anders als dieses große Produkt .__

  46. Funktioniert gut gegen meine Fußschmerzen und schmeckt auch gut

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  1. Ze classique !

  2. Un prix sympa pour un chouette assortiment.

  3. Love all the taste, a little bit expensive for such a small amount of ”snus” but still worth it.

  4. Spice flavour was 50:50

  5. mint is good, but i cannot taste the other two very well. American spice just makes my mouth burn wherever the pouch is.

  6. Good with a test kit to find favorite flavor

  7. Liked the mint and lemon flavors the American wasn’t for me

  8. Citrus and mint were 4/5 and the American flavour were 1.5/5. The American was really bad not a fan of it.

  9. Nice with diffirent tastes and my favorite was mint.

  10. A perfect start pack

  11. Very nice flavours.

  12. The full american stings a little but the other two taste really good, although I think the cbd doses could be at least 25 mg per dose if possible , cause I hade to take two each time

  13. Taste good and works great to my anxiety

  14. Citrus 10/10, American 6/10 and haven’t tried mint yet.

  15. Great

  16. Great taste! Especially the citrus

  17. Good product I would like to have a higher mg option

  18. Only just finished the mint tin, tasty flavour. Slightly expensive maybe, but great taste and lasts a long time. Around 3 hours.

  19. Very good taste!

  20. Spicy is the best taste.

  21. Very happy with the cannadips so far. I just wish they were offered in stronger variants and also since I’m practically addicted to snus, I wish they would have nicotine in them so I wouldnt have to use them in combination with a snus pouch which distorts the amazing flavour. Overall, great product and I hope to ser cannadips expand far into the future!

  22. I love the citrus one. The American Spice one is growing on me after the initial confusion as it’s a mix of coffee/chocolate/cinnamon but doesn’t really taste like any of them. Still sweet though and is the perfect after dinner treat. I do confess I don’t like the mint one as it initially has a strong/almost bitter taste of toothpaste. When kept in the mouth for a while it however transforms to a more liquorice/mint flavour which very pleasant. So it’s the sachet I tend to keep in my mouth for longest. I find that a few (not many at all) of the sachets have burst inside my mouth. And I wish there was more CBD content in each sachets. But generally a good product!!

  23. The citrus one ruins my gums. Maybe it was something wrong with tje batch but I will try it again. They all taste really good

  24. Found this CBD product a couple of weeks ago and totally fell in love with it. It’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone!
    Helps me with so so many things:
    1. Helps me handle my anxiety and panic attacks so much better then any medicine has done..
    2. Helps with my sleeping problems.
    3. Takes away almost all menstrual cramps.
    4. Gives my days a smooth start without stress and all that stuff at work.

  25. I got the kit with the extra can, I must have been one of the first customers in the UK, of wich I am very proud. (Would love a pop socket though) to go with the tins wich I keep as they are beautiful.

  26. I never got the pop socket with my starter kit but I don’t think that was on offer when I got mine it’s the best way or trying all the flavours

  27. Gutes Produkt ,big taste!

  28. Kind of dry, but otherwise good taste.
    Would prefer higher dose of cbd though as the effect is minimal until taking three in a row

  29. Excellent stuff, the effect are great – just having a 10mg product in your mouth for the amount of time suggested seems to have a much longer effect than a lot of 10mg equivalent sprays. Really good stuff, enjoy their products and wouldn’t hesitate to get again.

  30. Good way to try all 3 of the available flavours.

  31. Bit expensive but I get it

  32. Good tastes! Easy to use!

  33. American spice flavor slightly inferior vs the other two

  34. This item really works for me I got nerve damage and M E really happy that I found somewhere I can get this item

  35. This was my favourite combo as I got to try each Cannadips CBD flavour. Used them consecutively for 2-3 weeks and really started to notice a difference in various aspects. Really loving the popsocket as well!

  36. Canadips helps me relax and get past anxiety and helps me focus. I am looking for a new job, so when I go in for an interview believe me I have my Canadip pouches with me before and after.

  37. Gutes Produkt

  38. Cutting back on tobacco.

  39. Had really helped me quit tobacco. Only thing: about every fourth or fifth pouch separates early.

  40. Has helped my arthritis and back pain

  41. Excellent flavor. Love them. Will order more soon

  42. I had a headache the day I received the combo kit, immediately chewed on one within10 minutes it was gone.__

  43. These dips are amazing for anxiety and my chronic pain in my back very much I love

  44. Work wonders, makes my mind feel less anxious. I use it at work, in meeting and I makes me feel alot better. helps with sleep kinda. Also the taste is unreal. Exspecially the citrus flavor ( by far the best).

  45. Love the flavor and great benefits of CBD all in a pouch!

  46. It Changed my lifestyle and gave me life back.


  48. Subtle and effective. I’m definitely buying more

  49. I enjoyed the flavors of cannadips. Also comes in a nice can. The over all presentation of this the product is awesome.

  50. No ragrets

  51. Mint and citrus are the bomb

  52. Got them for my grandpa. He’s been using the CBD drops. And also chews. So I figured he’d like. He love them. They come in little pouches to. Which is nice.

  53. Awesome product!!!

  54. Been great so far.

  55. They are tasty and relaxing. However, I do wish it was easier to unsubscribe from the monthly shipments

  56. Really enjoy!

  57. I purchased the combo kit.The citrus is my favorite flavor of the three currently available. Very flavorful. The pouches seemed too thin and small. I put 4 pouches in to try and beef up the feel but it still seems like I end up having a thin dried raisin made of tissue in my mouth. It is likely that I purchase more of the citrus dip in the future. I’d love to see a long cut cannadip product from you guys if that is doable.

  58. Excellent price point for three cans and they all taste delicious!

  59. The flavor is pretty good. Just not a fan of the full American. But that’s preference. Wish the pouches were bigger so it felt like I had one in. Being a chewer and trying to use this quit I find myself putting 2 in or so that way I feel like I have a dip in. And at that rate combined with price it would be a really expensive trade off. Overall happy with considering you are the only ones on the market to have them. These are just my thoughts if I could change something.
    Thanks Brandon

  60. Over all really nice. The citrus flavor is my favorite so far. Interested in seeing new flavors in the future!

  61. They taste amazing and are a great way to take cbd

  62. Flavors were excellent, Long lasting. Would order again for sure.

  63. Fantastic product with great flavors. I was skeptical of the “Tangy Citrus” flavored pouches, but it was my favorite by far.

  64. I had pain in my feet and knees from long work hours and this product helps alleviate the pain. Love this stuff especially the mint!

  65. Excellent flavors! Will def buy again.

  66. very discreet. wish they had higher concentrations. lemon is my favorite very zesty. mint is very minty minutes than most gum. American flavor is hard to explain, real cinnamon but not as cinnamon as bug red gum. would recommend trying all flavors it’s good to have options

  67. Great long-lasting flavors. Seems to be very calming for the overall nervous system. My only complaint is that it’s a little pricey and I’m not sure if it will be a monthly expense that I can justify maintaining.

  68. Great product. Kills muscle cramps and lower back inflammation. The only reason I gave the product 4 stars and not 5 is for the price. $1.20 per pouch is a bit pricey.

  69. I love these dips. Excellent way to get some high quality CBD. Good replacement for candy, dip, gum addictions or alternatives aside from the obvious health and medicinal uses.


    1. I was hoping American spice would have molasses/traditional straight dip flavor. Would be an excellent alternative to traditional moist tobacco.

    2. These could be more moist, to produce a little more juice BUT excellent flavor and product nevertheless.

    3. Having a higher dose option and stronger/different cbd strength options in the future would also be great.

    That said, these seem to be excellent products with good taste and ingredients that I will continue to use. Looking forward to more flavor options in the future (wintergreen, straight etc)

  70. This stuff is awesome. really taste great and takes the cravings away. Tried a combo pack and all the flavors were great. I only knocked a star because of the cost. I would purchase a case of this stuff if the price came down a bit. Thanks!

  71. It helped kill my cravings and kept me pretty relaxed and mellow, and all the flavors were pretty good except the all American flavor it was so bad I couldn’t even use the Pouches and it almost made me throw up. You need a better flavor to replace it.

  72. Product is great. DonÕt much care for the full American flavor, but other two are very good. Tastes like IÕm chewing a shot of fireball. Wish there was a way to get the 3 pack deal and pick your flavors- but product itself is fantastic.

  73. Great product but please make a stronger dose! 10 MG is too low!

  74. Really enjoyed the flavors! Really discreet and a little bit of body high good product!

  75. Really enjoyed the citrus!

  76. Absolutely love this product. Great for pain management including headaches and sore muscles. Also a great sleep aid. These things also taste really good.

  77. They are awesome!

  78. Tangy citrus is by far the best flavor I would enjoy them more if there was more than 10 mg per pouch

  79. No effect.

  80. The flavors were bold and not overwhelming i was able to keep the flavor all day which surprised me and it helped me quit chewing tobacco within the week i got them

  81. If you’re buying it to try to quit dipping don’t it won’t work. If you’re buying it strictly for the cbd it’s good.

  82. Lemon flavor is fantastic. Wish they were stronger.

  83. Great product changing the game!

  84. Great product…I’m really satisfied with my purchase of the combo pack…I like all flavors with mint and citrus being my favorite..a well made pouches..long lasting flavor..all done with CBDs.! Why ever chew tobacco again..?

  85. Taste was great price is comparible to most cbd products but the pouches should be larger.

  86. Got this stuff for my anxiety and it works amazing. They taste great I got the combo pack with all the flavors and all of them taste good, they kick in pretty quick and bring my anxiety down pretty fast IÕd recommend them to anyone who used cbd

  87. I’m a combat veteran from the IRAQ WAR and I was having problems with my anxiety and the professor told me I couldn’t dip tobacco anymore during class I was just about to give up when another veteran told me about your product tried it once and I have been using it never since and how I’m getting a B in that class thank you so much for making this great product

  88. The product is good need more but would like to see some more flavors, and it would be great if you offered the CBD pouches in double strength.

  89. Too expensive for that low of a dose.

  90. Awesome product, helps with pain and anxiety, taste is amazing as well

  91. Awesome product, helps with passion and anxiety, taste is amazing as well

  92. Great product this far. Good flavors and interested in what is to come with cannadips. Thank you

  93. pretty cool

  94. The citrus is a little bitter and the cinnamon/ chocolate coffee smelled like chicken flavored ramen noodles and it tasted really bad to me.

  95. On the job or at home I can dip anytime and its clean….love this product

  96. Glad I get to try all the flavors and as a current dipper this is really beneficial. Helping me quit dipping at the same time any pain I do the cbd is there. The mint reminds me of spearmint gum. It’s not over powered and great taste. Seriously give it a try

  97. I really like the Cannadips! The only thing is when I received the cans they were very badley damaged almost like a they got ran over or something.

  98. It very good

  99. Fast acting cbd is a go to during daily performance

  100. Good shit send more!

  101. Love the mint

  102. Good flavor other than that I d ok my see any benefits to them at all

  103. Great tasting product. I would like to see the pouches be larger in size to give it a more substantial feel in my cheek and easier to squeeze between my cheek and gums to keep the juices and flavor prevalent.
    It is a great tasting product that with larger pouches would help make it an even better experience.

  104. Your packaging and branding is great, your product is garbage. No one who dips wants to suck on a teabag. Have a look at the percentage of first time buyers that never re-up again. Re-tool and fix it or I’m certain this product is doomed.

    Owner of the single largest high CBD industrial hemp farm in Colorado.

  105. Great calming relaxation after a long day or a day with some to relax and not get to stressed…it’s a beautiful product

  106. This time around I upped my dose to three a day spread out and the results have been awesome! Best CBD I have used to date and the price is very comparable to local CBD vendors, usually even better. I have anxiety and I am weening off my benzodiazepine medication. This CBD product has helped a ton! Thanks so much!

  107. I would like them better if they were a little more potent!

  108. Great flavors
    Quick buzz
    Awesome quality

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1-108 of 216 reviews
  1. Love the versatility of these. Tin is beautiful, and the I do actually feel the CBD unlike others IÕve tried. Taste is amazing on top of it! Helps me in the morning when I need a nice pick up instead of coffee.

  2. I’ve been looking at a way to relieve my anxiety other than meds… and this is it. Cannadips has saved me!! One a day puts the anxiety away. Thank you guys for such an amazing product. The Citrus (yellow can) is my favorite!!!

  3. They are great

  4. Love all three flavors and canÕt wait for the higher dose cbd pouches!

  5. This product taste great

  6. Great for taking the edge off during the work day. Also great flavors. __

  7. Awesome awesome awesome! I have always suffered from insomnia and migraines and while these don’t fully resolve my migraines they truly do make them easier to tolerate more like a slight headache. As for my insomnia I have went from waking up 12 times a night to only waking up when my alarm clock goes off.

    The name itself was enough to make me wanna try these out and I am very happy that I did. The flavors are just enough to taste and enjoy but are not overpowering (which I was concerned about). I will be a Cannadips user until they retire and close down, will soon be purchasing them again!!

  8. Enjoyed the product. Worked as advertised and have had no desire to go back to dipping

  9. Tastes great a very satisfying chew. Trying to quit tobacco chew and this is helping. Good amount of CBD, itÕs relaxing. Will definitely buy again.

  10. I love them. I daily carry a can in my pocket and love all the flavors. My only complaint is, I wish they were stronger dosages

  11. Was having sciatica issues. Started using your product and to my surprise I have no more pain. I feel like a normal person again.

  12. I loved the flavors all were on point, cbd could be more potent so you don’t have to stuff your mouth but over all love love love the product. – Xavier Garza 🙂

  13. I was sceptical at first because I saw people were saying great things and I thought it was just because it was cannabis, but when I tried it, while I had a headache at work, within a good 10 to 15 minutes went by and I didn’t have a headache anymore. Worked great and tastes good.

  14. Really Love the product, and love the cans themselves. Seems to calm me down.

  15. The flavors are a little extreme except for the mint. A traditional Wintergreen would be nice.

  16. Great flavor that lasts forever

  17. Great feel good all day

  18. Love using this it has good flavor and helps with my knee and back pains. Cant wait for the extra strength cans to come out

  19. I was using the CBD only Cannadips when they were only available from a dispensary and enjoyed the almost instant relief from my anxiety. The new one works about as well and I usually don’t like hemp CBD products. I did have a few pouches that were not sealed fully which made for a messy mouth. I have enjoyed the expanded flavors beyond just mint.

  20. I love it really great and helps me a lot ill love to buy it again next time

  21. Fast shipping but way to weak.

  22. I like all 3 flavors. I would also like a natural tobacco flavor as well. I think that would be a huge hit.

  23. To start, the website was super easy to navigate and very appealing to look at. After ordering my bundle, it stated that it would arrive on January 31st, however, it arrived a day early!! Super fast shipping was amazing, because it was like a little surprise when I got home. The product itself taste amazing! I have tried all 3 flavors and they are all fantastic! The first day that I tried one, I had a massive headache, that lasted all day, and a sore body. After putting one of the dips in, within an hour my body didnÕt hurt and my headache was gone! Amazing product guys! Thank you!

  24. All 3 taste great and last way longer than I expected. Definitely going to be buying more!

  25. Didn’t do anything

  26. I have enjoyed using them. They taste great and work pretty quickly. I like how they are quick and easy to pop in and use. They have met my expectations for what I wanted. I would recommend them if you are looking to use CBD in a easy portable way.

  27. Good stuff, enjoy all the flavors. Can also tell the CBD is working to relax me.

  28. It’s awesome they work really well

  29. This is great the taste is awesome and last a long time and relaxes me alot good stuff

  30. Very quick shipping! Great communication! Wifie and I truly dig the CBD pouches. All three flavors!

  31. These are great flavors and help with just about everything from anxiety to my old broken joints.

  32. Love the product no taste at all helps out with wonders

  33. Great flavors, the mint really stands out!

  34. Love the product, the full flavor isn’t my cup of tea I was expecting a more natural flavor but it’s more cinnamon or something. The mint and citrus are great though, definitely does the trick.

  35. The flavors are amazing they last 3 hours for me and when my back hurts i put in 2 pouches and i feel alot better and my girlfriend likes the smell of them she said it makes my breath better than smokeless tobacco does its a great product!!!

  36. WhereÕs the 25 mg tins? Make the combo kits in 1 flavor

  37. I tried the sample pack of three different tins. I enjoyed everything except the flavor of the citrus. Citrus is very sour and has somewhat of an artificial flavor. I will order more, and I have become a fan, but I will not order citrus.

  38. I loved the mint and Tangy, The red can isnÕt bad just not as enjoyable as the other two flavors, but will definitely be buying more Tangy and Mint cans in the future!

  39. Wonderful product. It would be nice to have it in a loose form for those who prefer larger ÒdipsÓ but overall this is a great product. Thank you!

  40. I was sceptical at first upon hearing about them, I never really had luck with cbd, but I decided to give it a shot. I never used dip or pouches or anything like that but I figured I’d put it where I put my cough drop, in my cheek and gums. Worked great!! I noticed pretty fast that my back and ankle pain were seriously decreased after A long work week. Its great for my line of work (warehouse) wonderful totally worth it.

  41. Love Cannadips! Has helped me scale back my tobacco use tremendously. Fast, easy, convenient. And looking forward to more of the 25mg pouches!

  42. The first time I used it, it was amazing, after it took more than one to do the trick, but I recommend this for someone with any kind of pain or aching, works like a charm!

  43. These taste great and work like a charm. I like the spice on the Full American and the Tangy Citrus is very juicy. The mint is way too minty for me.

  44. Love this stuff, it is absolutely amazing! The only thing I would like is a stronger dose. Other than that I love it!

  45. This is my first time using CBD. I honestly cannot say what the CBD actually does to me, but as far as the product it has been a good alternative rather than dip itself and I would say Mint is probably my favorite flavor out of the 3 in the combo kit.

  46. Love the product. Not the price.

  47. Awesome product! Been a traditional ÒdipperÓ for years and this product has become a regular replacement!

  48. Nice flavors. High quality ingredients

  49. Could be a bit stronger but other than that it was great! Great flavors! Made me want to chew on it like gum!

  50. Awesome smooth product

  51. The flavorwas really smooth and it lasted for ever Wich was great but me personally preferred the stronger pouches

  52. Awesome product!

  53. I loved this product! I shared this with my fan base on YouTube and on my instagram. They loved it as well I would to hear back from you and would love to share more of your product with my followers and subscribers.
    Thank you
    Bluecollar dipper

  54. Got the 3 pack and got the higher dose mint sampler free. I wanted the Full American and Mint for myself, my girlfriend wanted the citrus. Citrus tastes like lemon heads. You do get a cinnamon and chocolate taste from the Full American. And Mint is, well, mint. Lol. The pouches keep flavor for a long time too.

  55. No lie, I couldn’t wait for my CBD kit to arrive. Now that I have it, I’m like the cool kid on the block…. lol frfr it’s a game changer. People are asking me where I got it. I tellem CANNADIPSCBD.COM
    I love the full American flavor the best. Will definitely be buying more. Thank you for such an incredible product. Dip into life no doubt. Much respect and love to everyone.

  56. The citrus smells like lemon pez candy
    The mint tastes and smells like double mint chewing gum
    And the American flavor is very earthy

  57. The lemon and mint are awesome but full American flavor is not my cup tea. But over all its good thanks

  58. Really like your product, would like to see the CBD Mg higher though!

  59. It’s a really great concept. The price is a little toward the higher side but it’s not bad. The flavors are amazing. The thing that gets it me is the low amount of CBD per pouch. According to other site and medical experts it takes 100MG of CBD to actually have an effect so basically you have to use a whole tin just to get the proper dosage. Which us expensive for the price.

  60. I absolutely love this product it has really helped with my anxiety amazing work

  61. Got these to help with headaches and anxiety… pop them in and 15-20 mins later IÕm feeling relaxed, headache free. Not a worry in the world. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!

  62. As an adult with ADHD I love the pouches. Gave up tobacco pouches because of Cannadips!!

  63. I have only used a couple of the flavors so far but they taste great and work very well. The 25mg sample pack was great they worked very well.
    I recommend this product for another tool to combat back pain that isn’t helped by physical therapy and you don’t want to use opioid remedies.

  64. It needs a little more mg’s. Not strong enough I guess for me

  65. Cannadips CBD pouches are awesome! Had the mint and the fruit flavored, both were great!

  66. Seen these advertised a year or so ago and knew I had to try them. These things are pretty solid! I feel very relaxed, they definitely help me sleep when I do them at night and seems like I have more energy when I put one in especially in the morning. I’ll definitely be getting more. I would love the option to pick 3 of the same flavor for the same price and everything as the promotion going on now. And definitely hope you all make a 500mg can of these. Looking forward to trying all of your products

  67. Works great and taste amazing. The citrus are my favorite, and the mint is good. Makes my back feel alot better at work while being discreet

  68. I like em. I am kinda sad they are so small, esp for the price. I have not noticed anything from them at all? They taste good and taste last quite a while, esp for the size. Would I order them again? My wife likes that they are all natural and so do I, but for the size and price, probably not.

  69. Tastes way good. But doesn’t work for me. Everyone is different. I use 4 a lol relaxation and you need to put in top lip. Taste last for about 30min to an hour. Cans are awesome. Just hemp doesn’t cut it for me not like cbd from cannabis

  70. Wasn’t bad i wouldn’t buy again just tried for the experience didn’t really care for it

  71. CBD in… Tobacco out!

  72. Didn’t do anything. Honestly a waste of $45.

  73. Absolutely love it! I used to get mouth sores almost every week but after using Cannadips everyday I rarely ever get them. Great for sore muscles and headaches too!

  74. I’ve been suffering from severe back pain caused from a curve in my spine compressing 4 disks for months, I’ve tried pain killers anti inflammatory and chiropractic care canadips are the only thing that takes the pain away completely now I can go back to work without being held back with daily pain

  75. Best tasting dip substitute i have ever had! Thanks guys!

  76. Great product. I thought I had a million dollar idea and when I googled it I found yÕall. Helped me get off Copenhagen. Only negative is that I didnÕt think of it first.

  77. The mint and natural are not bad. The citrus I didnÕt care for at all. The portions are too small and the price point is terrible.

  78. The pouches could be softer and the flavor a little to intense

  79. Works well

  80. Decent.

  81. I did not get to try any of my order because it was misplaced by a family member, will try to order more soon though

  82. I broke my back 4 yrs ago and I would always use the oil. But having it in a pouch and be able to keep it in, instead of having to stop and put more oil in.

    I love the citrus and the American flavor, just wish they had a stronger dose. Cause right now I put two in and it last me about 8 hrs. But besides that I love it and will be buying it again.

  83. This is my second order and I am just as pleased. They taste great and work well. For sure I will be ordered again once I am done with these. If you are wanting a good CBD product that works and taste great get these.

  84. Love the product, just wish there was more for the money, maybe one day. For now I will have to stick with good old tabacco and the medical card as you get more bang for your buck that way.

  85. This product is absolutely amazing.i got it for my joint pains and back, after one pouch I cant even tell my joints were hurting

  86. Love the citrus still my top fav. Like the mint. Strong burn with it. But the all American is not the best. I dont like it as much as the other 2

  87. The citrus is definitely my favorite. I would like to see a green apple flavor and perhaps some stronger doses. Overall excellent product.

  88. So far it has helped with joint pain. I have recommended it to a few others. The cost is a bit much for me to share as a sample to others tho.

  89. Great flavor, great kick

  90. They have been great and work really well. It is nice to have to take on the go and put in a pouch when needed. They taste great and start working fast. I will be ordering again once I am done with these.

  91. The mint burns my mouth the entire time itÕs in. The citrus flavor is good but the pouches make my gums raw. DonÕt know if thatÕs just me?

  92. Great alternative to tobacco pouches plus benefits of CBD.

  93. Easy to use, discreet,effective,definitely recommend……

  94. Got them for my grandson he liked the mint wasnÕt that crazy about the other flavor. Trying to reorder

  95. I originally got these as an alternative to chewing tobacco and, perhaps, some other things. They turned out to be very relaxing. They help me sleep, eat, and reduce anxiety. The best part: they lower my headaches which I have been struggling to work with doctors to reduce. CBD should be in more medical practices.

  96. I really enjoy them

  97. It was not strong enough..

  98. Love them they help me relax

  99. Love these! Keep making them even better

  100. Great taste, works well, but having been a pouch tobacco user for the last 16 years, the Cannadips pouches are definitely much rougher on your mouth by comparison. A finer material for the pouch would be a significant improvement.

  101. Good stuff!

  102. I love this stuff, I chew tobacco and have been trying to find an alternative. Now on a stressful day at work, I no longer reach for my Copenhagen, I reach for my Cannadip. I even enjoy it with my favorite drink. Awesome product IÕm glad I found it.

  103. It’s a great product, I’ve been looking for something to help me get through day to day stress and this product is helping. I can feel a difference when using, and would definitely buy again!!!

  104. I’ve been researching CBD products for a while to help me with my anxiety and addiction to nicotine. And I’m glad I found this product!

    I’ve used chewing tobacco products for five years and never realized I was spending money on cans daily. It was just part of my routine. It became a crutch whenever I was stressed out. Except after my wave of relief, it would cause my anxiety to sky rocket afterwards.

    I decided to try Cannadips as a healthy alternative to tobacco products and to give me something for the ‘oral fixation’ I developed.

    HereÕs my experience when using the product:

    -The pouches are well made and donÕt fall apart.

    -The flavors are good. The mint is my favorite so far and doesnÕt have an artificial taste like Cope mint. It tastes more ÒnaturalÓ but is concentrated and lasts a long time.

    -I have not had to spit once using this product. And when I need to swallow, I donÕt have a knee jerk reaction to the flavor. Also my stomach doesnÕt get knotted from it.

    -There is no head rush or any kind of euphoria. But you will notice you feel better passively. When you need to take the edge off, pop a pouch in your mouth. (EG: If you have allergies, you feel ÒitchyÓ. You take an allergy pill and you feel relief. YouÕre suddenly not itchy.) Thats what it feels like.

    I like to use the product in combo with my CBD vape. IÕll take a puff of my vape before work, toss in a pouch and it carries me through the day.

    If youÕre on the fence give it a shot! I love Cannadips!

  105. Cannadips is the perfect aspirin substitute.

  106. Keep it coming.

  107. Its great and it helps me sleep better.

  108. So far I’ve only used the American. It is a little heavy on the cayenne but I like the flavor which is much milder than I hoped. I’m anxious to finish this tin so I can try the mint and citrus!

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  1. Really Nice taste seems lower in cbd

  2. Different but very good taste

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  1. Ein eigener aber sehr guter Geschmack

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

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  1. I love it ,taste so nice

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  1. Erfrischend und lecker

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

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  1. Love all the taste, a little bit expensive for such a small amount of ”snus” but still worth it.

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  1. Ca grouille sous la langue.

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  1. Suprisingly pleasing

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  1. My wife’s favorite.

  2. Tasted amazing, I love peach. It’s a great new addition you should keep.

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  1. Good flavor

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  1. I love it ,

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  1. Absolutely outstanding! Only suggestion is to make the flavours stronger and more intense

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  1. Honestly the hot one and the root beer one are ok the rest barely has any flavor

— End of LTOs —
— Start With Go Fuel —

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  1. Ein kleiner Powerschub

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

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  1. Not that tasty but effective

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  1. As good as it gets ,good energy from these

— End of Go Pack —
— Start with Sleep Pack —

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  1. Nice idea

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  1. Decent

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

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Leider entsprechen keine Bewertungen deiner aktuellen Auswahl

— End of Sleep Pack —
— Start with Terpene —

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  1. One of my favorites

  2. Lecker

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  1. Top class

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  1. Top class!

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  1. Liebe es!

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  1. “Classic” good taste but a little bit expensive.

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  1. Super Produkt und mega Alternative

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