Cannadips CBD pouches on Candid and The Extract UK

Cannadips CBD pouches, made with all natural ingredients and broad spectrum hemp CBD that is water-soluble and fast-acting, was recently featured in opinion articles on the UK’s online lifestyle magazines Candid and The Extract.

Both articles discusses the story behind the brand, as well as the science that went into developing the product to ensure these CBD infused pouches are not only high in efficacy but provides a pleasant experience for the user through its meticulous taste profiles.

As the the original CBD pouches brand, Cannadips CBD has not only reached users who are already familiar with the Snus pouch concept, but also those who just wants to look for an alternative that is smoke-free and can be enjoyed discreetly without disturbing others around them. For the full articles, please visit Candid och The Extract.

Candid is an online lifestyle magazine focused on every area of modern life. We aim to be at the forefront of everything that matters to you most, covering the latest innovations in personal care and wellness, food, sustainability, and the most exciting new developments in arts and entertainment.

The Extract brings together a team of CBD, hemp and medicinal marijuana enthusiasts who support the distribution of content that has integrity. Our newsroom attracts talented and passionate people who want to serve our community so you can wake up each morning to the day’s top news, trusted analysis and opinion delivered straight to your inbox. We cover the news and explore the business of cannabis but also address the burning questions that our readers want answers to. We give you commentary, the truth, profiles, leadership interviews and takeaways to foster a healthy cannabis culture so you can make empowered choices.

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