Cannadips CBD Pouches Interview with Cannadips Europe CEO Felix Sundstrom

Following the recent review by UK based product reviewer NicotineFreak, the reviewer has since purchased the remaining Cannadips CBD flavours to share his thoughts on them. The reviews on the two flavours – Natural Mint och American Spice, further reinforced his belief in the brand’s ability to offer an all natural but effective CBD pouch product that is both tobacco and nicotine free.

NicotineFreak then reached out to Cannadips Europe to get a deeper understanding of the product and the brand’s origins to share with his readers. An interview soon followed between the two parties, with Cannadips Europe CEO Felix Sundstrom personally answering all of the desired questions.

The interview starts out with – “After reviewing the complete lineup of Cannadips CBD pouch flavours – I thought I’d learn a little more about the product and the brand behind it.

I reached out to the Cannadips EU team who were kind enough to join a call and agree on a Q&A interview via email so myself and customers can learn more about Cannadips CBD pouches.”

Some key questions were then presented.

Q. So in basic terms what makes up a Cannadips CBD pouch?

A. Years of hard work, the highest quality ingredients and some Californian love… But the base is coconut mixed with a unique set of all natural flavors and our very own “Cannaflake”. The Cannaflake is made out of THC-free broad spectrum hemp extract which is transformed in to a water soluble emulsion rich of natural terpenes and later manually dried in a patented process. You could say that its unique in every way

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Min Varukorg
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