Cannadips partners with Snushus AG to launch CBD snus pouches

Cannadips Partners with Snushus AG to Launch CBD Snus Pouches

Cannadips Europe, a SpectrumLeaf brand that offers premium CBD products to the European market, has recently partnered up with Snushus AG to offer the core collection in-store.

Snus is a smokeless tobacco pouch product that originated in early 18th-century Sweden and is placed between the upper lip and gum for a suggested period to allow delivery. The rapid adaptation of Snus has been much attributed to the ongoing movement to reduce smoking. According to a recent study1, a CAGR of 4.75% Snus is expected within the next 5 years. While Cannadips CBD comes in a similar pouch, it contains no tobacco or nicotine. Each pouch offers 10mg of water-soluble CBD with high bioavailability, allowing for a more effective delivery.

“Partnering up with a key industry leader such as Snushus AG truly marks a new milestone for us. Not only do they have 20% of the market share in Switzerland and have sold 2.4+ million cans last year, but they also provide both online and offline channels. For example, the offline retail stores will us to provide direct sampling events to help consumers better understand Cannadips. With this new relationship, we hope to access other existing Snus users in Switzerland who may be looking for a CBD alternative. Additionally, we’d like to reach CBD advocates looking for a smokeless solution. In fact, Snushus has a vision to create a smokeless Switzerland, and it would be our honour to take part in that movement,” says Felix Sundström, CEO of SpectrumLeaf (parent company of Cannadips Europe).

Cannadips CBD offers a wide range of collection including 5 flavours in the Core Collection, 10 flavours in the Limited Edition, 3 in the CBG+Caffeine Line and 4 in the Terpene Range (no CBD). All 5 flavours of the Core Collection will be available online at both (or and in all Snushus stores across Switzerland, with more collection to be added.

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