Cannadips Europe joins forces with Haypp Group to launch Terpene in-mouth pouches.

Cannadips Europe Joins Forces with Haypp Group to Launch Terpene In-Mouth Pouches

Cannadips Europe, a SpectrumLeaf brand specializing in premium CBD Snus products for the European market, has just partnered up with Haypp Group – a company that is spearheading the global transformation from smoking to healthier product alternatives. With origins in Scandinavia and a pioneer in smokeless alternatives, Haypp is also a leader in the e-commerce sector with presence in in over seven countries and serving 680 000+ active customers.

Haypp will soon offer the Cannadips Terpene Pouch Collection via its online platform, which focuses on leveraging the unique characteristics of Terpenes extracted from plants and condensing them into a pouch form. As a result, these pouches contain no tobacco, nicotine, CBD and THC – making them the perfect match for Snus lovers looking for a healthier alternative.

This revolutionary product line is the result of a collaboration with Cannadips USA, headed by founder Case Mandel, who pioneered the innovative approach for this Cannabis-free alternative. Ultimately, this gives more options to users who want to experience the power of nature in a pouch form, but without any cannabis.

“Our first meeting with Haypp took place in summer of 2019. We have since worked through a series of challenges to reach this current milestone. I am exceptionally proud of the hard work put in by everyone involved to make this happen. Haypp is the perfect partner to further grow Cannadips and put it on the global stage, as we have the same objectives to offer healthier alternatives to users. This Terpene Range is hopefully only the start of exciting new products to be offered on Haypp’s platforms, “shares Felix Sundström, CEO of SpectrumLeaf with excitement.

Cannadips Terpene Range comes in four delightful and uniquely developed flavours – Mint, Citrus, Mango, and Wintergreen. The collection will be available on starting February 13, 2023.

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