Cannadips Partners with Adly AB to Feature on selected Twitch streams.

Cannadips Partners with Adly AB to Feature on selected Twitch streams

As a brand that originated in California and inspired by Snus, Cannadips has a strong tie to communities such as skateboarders, snowboarders, hockey players and more. Aside from the branding, this has largely been due to the pouch format which allows users to use CBD in a simple yet discreet way. Just wedge a Cannadips pouch in between the upper gums and continue with any desired activity.

With the number of eSports enthusiasts and viewers totally over hundreds of millions in recent years, it has naturally presented itself as a key community that may appreciate Cannadips products. As a result, Cannadips Europe has recently partnered up with Adly AB to work with selected Twitch streamers to introduce the product to their viewers in a non-disruptive yet interactive manner.

Whist I may not be a gamer myself, even I can see that eSports has become a booming global industry that is just like football or hockey. Gamers and viewers alike could all enjoy the fast-acting CBD content of Cannadips pouches while playing or watching a game. This is why we’ve chosen to leverage a platform like Twitch where communities gather not only to share their love for gaming, but also to social and to casually share with each other things they love,” says Felix Sundstrom, CEO of Cannadips Europe.

To ensure our approach is transparent and genuine, all brand aspects are first communicated with the selected streamers. Collaboration is only confirmed if the streamers have confirmed they enjoy Cannadips products and would be happy to share with their viewers.

Cannadips CBD pouches currently comes in the flavours of Tropical Mango, Winter Green, Natural Mint, American Spice och Tangy Citrus. Each pouch offers 10mg of CBD and all natural ingredients.

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