Natural Mint


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New Formulation!
Faster Release • Slimmer Format • Updated Formula • New Packaging

CBD infused pouches flavored with a balanced mix of sweet and cool mints sensations. Crafted using all natural, thc free, tobacco free & nicotine free ingredients. Smokeless, Discreet & Fast-Acting.

What's Inside & Usage Steps

This item contains 1 single can, Each Can Containing:
150 mg water dispersible CBD / 10 mg CBD per pouch / 15 pouches

Usage Steps
Usage Steps
The All Natural Ingredients

Proprietary Coconut Fiber (Coir, Dehydratech Hemp CBD, Sunflower Oil), Organic Palm Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Sugar, Natural Flavor, Salt, Sweeteners (Steviol Glycosides), Stabilizer (Xanthan Gum)

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In stock

& Fresh

Using only natural mint
as the key flavour ingredient

A Classic

One of our core flavours
that will forever be classic

The Other
Core Flavours

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Natural Mint

Cannadips CBD User Reviews

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Robert F.

Very happy and customer service is great

5 years ago
kylie C.

I'm loving this CBD! It's really convenient to just throw a pouch in and continue with your day. It's thin so it's descret enough where you can put one in and have a conversation with someone without them even knowing.

5 years ago
Michael L.

I love the mint flavor but could use more mg of cbd needs to be stronger. The citrus doesn't last that long the mint lasts a long time.The tins need to be sealed better they seem to dry up quickly after you get them.

5 years ago
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Lauren L.

I have been using yalls product for about 3 or 4 months now and I've definitely noticed a difference in my overall mental health.

5 years ago
irv R.

Great mint flavor!, I feel more relaxed and make better decisions. Less Stress!!

5 years ago
randy s.

Copenhagen chewer for 20 years. Finally found a product that helps with my cravings. Will definitely be buying more!

5 years ago
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5 months ago

My favorit

5 months ago
Thomas Lackner


11 months ago

92 reviews for Natural Mint

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)


  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My favorit

  3. Thomas Lackner (verified owner)


  4. Anonym (verified owner)


  5. Daniel (verified owner)

    Love this, will buy more. 🙂

  6. Steven (verified owner)

    Very strong flavour and last a long time too

  7. Michael Farenzena (verified owner)

    I tried this product today and I think it’s incredible. I felt the strong mint for first, then the salt and CBD. It’s a new and a very good product, for relaxing and pains. I recommend CANNADIPS products to everyone who wants to try innovative product to stay healthy.

  8. Felix (store manager)

    Were using snus and nicotine pouches daily since the age of 14 but after 22 years of consuming one can per day I found this fantastic product. It’s now 9 months since I swapped my snus to Cannadips, my tobacco to CBD, is finally free from my addiction to nicotine and I have never felt better

  9. Aleksandra (verified owner)

    Finally a product with natural ingredients! Great job!

  10. Patty S. (verified owner)

    One of my favourite flavours. Keeps the breath minty & fresh and lasts soooo long!

  11. John J.

    Great new delivery method and can feel it working! Love the flavor and convenience!

  12. Ryan C.

    Took about 2 days before I noticed a difference in my pain. I had disc replacement surgery in my neck and I also have 5 herniated disc through my spine. Nothing has helping with the pain until I tried this product. I’ve been pain free for 1 week now. Would recommend this to others.

  13. Aaron M.

    Love it, I would love to buy more! When will they be back in stock?

  14. Thomas L.

    This is amazing Ive been a dipper for about 5 years and have been looking for something better than normal and thanks to cannadips i found it this is the bet dip ive ever had it really helps me relax after a long hard day a work i love it

  15. Kevin S.

    They really help when I’m getting Anxious and irritated at work. Help me stay calm.

  16. Steven W.

    These taste great and offer some decent relief. Love the mint flavor and that the ingredients are all good stuff. Wish it came in stronger doses though.

  17. Ronald M.

    I use these as my afternoon floating dose. Love the handiness and the flavor! Get some and you will see too!!

  18. Kellie L.

    This is the first oral CBD product I’ve tried. I recently started to get anxiety. I’ve been reluctant to 6

  19. John P.

    This is an amazing product, you can’t beat the price of the product itself or shipping costs. So happy!

  20. Lauren L.

    I have been using yalls product for about 3 or 4 months now and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my overall mental health.

  21. Jordan P.

    think it may be the answer for be to be able to quit chewing tobacco

  22. Timothy O.

    Excellent product, lived up to my expectations all the way. I would recommend to anyone

  23. Joe F.

    Amazing product two cans a month habit… I’m a junkie

  24. Shane M.

    I am a very active 52 yr old, always sore. Started taking Cannadips after my workouts and immediately noticed a difference.!!

  25. Tyler R.

    Love the flavor and it seems to really work really well with my anxiety and pain

  26. Michael G.

    I really enjoy this product!

  27. Billy S.

    It has definitely calmed my cravings for any kind of nicotine, having quit nicotine cold turkey 3 months ago. It also has helped somewhat stabilize my moods at work. My friends who have tried it also have told me it helps them and that they love it too.

  28. Danny L.

    Long time user of tobacco pouches, this has helped me curb the oral fixation that comes with dip. The CBD doesnÕt hurt to ease the mind a bit too ____

  29. irv R.

    Great mint flavor!, I feel more relaxed and make better decisions. Less Stress!!

  30. Gabriel Z.

    Wow you guys are killing it . This is some good stuff . And low key

  31. Jack L.

    Cannadips CBD help me to discreetly prevent muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders while I’m at work, and it also keeps my stress levels low so that I can perform at my best in the high-stakes, fast-moving environment of being a software engineer.

  32. randy s.

    Copenhagen chewer for 20 years. Finally found a product that helps with my cravings. Will definitely be buying more!

  33. colt f.


  34. James E.

    Love the taste, feels good. Had some at the ballpark today

  35. Tonya L.

    I’m loving the cannadips mint. It has really been helping me with my nausea, I used 2 pouches at once and it took the nausea away in less than a minute, it didnt burn my gums like I thought it might. wish the price was lower so I can buy more.

  36. Michael S.

    This is a way better than anything else I’ve stuck in my lip. It feels like a healthier alternative to snus. It helps me relax when I sit down to create art.

  37. Eli T.

    Awesome product when I get off work every night great way to relax just pop a pouch or 2 on don’t worry about spitting and slowly begin to relax

  38. Tonya L.

    This is a awesome product, has really helped with my nausea. I will buy more deffinitly, wish it wasn’t so expensive

  39. Kevin H.

    Great product

  40. Amber S.

    I am absolutely amazed by how well this has impacted my life! I can finally feel relaxed enough to sleep , work,and do all the stuff I missed doing! It has helped with the arthritis,the anxiety,and so very much more I feel like a new person! It also helped me stop dipping which I have been doing for sooo many years ! Thank you to the creators of this amazing invention! I look forward to the future deliveries ____

  41. Tonya C.

    Fast Delivery and Great Product..

  42. Weston D.

    Love the product. Just wish they were a little cheaper. Gave a few pouches to some friends and they all loved them too. I’d love to keep buying these but it’s a little too expensive.

  43. Josh K.

    I like it has helped sum with my headaches and since i have gotten it i have not been chewing other dips as much

  44. COLE M.

    Absolutely love the product, taste is great. Pricing is good, and delivery is fast.

  45. Luis G.

    It was really good I enjoyed it the flavor lasted for a long time really minty definitely gonna get some more

  46. Corrina C.

    The taste is great!

  47. Maisa S.

    Works great for my foot pain and taste great too

  48. Brian F.

    Great product but for the price I expected a little more pouches. Other than that great product.__

  49. Severo S.

    It’s actually really good. Great alternative to tobacco. I quit dipping and I love to use this when I get cravings. Needs more local availability, and, I know it’s CBD and it’s expensive, but if you could match price point with dip and I can buy this at the gas station like I can with dip, that would be a game changer.

  50. Maisa S.

    Taste great and helps with plantar fasciitis pain

  51. Brandon M.

    I have severe rheumatalogical pain. This product helps me sleep at night without pain. It actually works better than the pain pills, something that greatly surprised me. Thank you so much for creating such a fine product.

  52. Stanley F.

    Love the Product and excellent shipping receive item within days of ordering.

  53. Samuel V.

    I love it!!

  54. Dylan E.

    Great taste

  55. Zech L.

    Taste good. Works well. Would like to see a loose cut tin if possible.

  56. Julie D.

    It’s great tasting and easy to use at any time of day! Makes the work day SO MUCH BETTER! ESPECIALLY when in traffic!

  57. Alex K.

    It was really good for the price. Would consider buying again.

  58. Lisa M.

    I’ve had it for 4 days now, I’ve used 1x a day, for 3 hours, so far not feeling anything. A fellow user told me to give it a week. So I am hopeful that it will start to help me soon with my headaches and arthritis pain when I sleep. I’ve tried all over the counter pain meds, massage, heat and cold packs, chiropractor and I will not go to prescription meds. Keeping fingers crossed.

  59. Joe F.

    Amazing product…. need a monthly subscription service….

  60. Taylor R.

    Didn’t really like the taste, and me being a bigger person didn’t get an effect,

  61. Adam C.

    Been suffering from back issues for 11 years. I won’t get into details but..your product helps take the edge off. I have actually lowered my dose of pain killers thanks to you guys.

    Thanks so much.


  62. James R.

    Best product I have ever used

  63. Curtis s.

    Flavor was good but I needed 3 for it to work on my anxiety

  64. Darla Z.

    My husband is a Copenhagen Long Cut long time user. He was interested to see the effects of the CBD oil in dip form with Cannadips. He does not currently consume CBD oil in any form. We purchased the mint which he thought was too minty. He liked the 25 mg citrus fresh sample that was included and enjoyed the effects of the CBD. Snuff users typically do not want a sweet flavor. Suggest a savory flavor.

  65. Elyn J.

    It helps me deal with my pain from my ms

  66. Maryanne B.

    Loved them cant wait to get more really helps with my head aches

  67. Curtis P.

    I use CBD for G.A.D. instead of anxiety pills for medication, these pouches are decent but they’re 10MG so it doesn’t work great. I’m looking forward to the 25MG pouches, I hope Cannadips will produce a 50MG pouch in the future that would be my daily medication.

  68. jonathan b.

    i love and i use to go to sleep

  69. brad d.

    good shit…. I really liked the sample flavor more hahaha …

  70. Chris M.

    The cans for the pouches are awesome! The flavors are on point but they need to be stronger. Will be ordering more if the CBD per pouch is increased.

  71. andrew f.

    Great flavor and quality. The price point for 15 pouches is a little too high, 20 pouches would be a better value/deal. Multiple can discounts of the same flavor would also be a suggestion.

    Either way, it’s helping me slow down and quit chewing tobacco so thank you very much.

  72. Kyle A.

    Enjoy the mint and lemon flavors, hoping for a higher dose pouch soon!

  73. Matt G.

    Great taste will for sure order more, I wish they were a bit stronger and price dropped a bit. But they take the edge off of stressful situations and really compete with my prescription anxiety medication.

  74. Chad M.

    Absolutely love it i wrote another one of these just stating that i wish i had the $ for more bit it honestly worked great, and im currently trying to get $ for more

  75. Taylor S.

    Awesome product, love the mint flavor. Takes the edge off a bit and chills me out.

  76. Wyatt F.

    It really helps wish it was a higher doses i find myself taking 2 pouches to get the desired effect

  77. Nathan W.

    It’s a delicious mint that I absolutely love, hope to see some new flavors come out soon and to see what you guys at cannidips can do!

  78. Treylon G.

    The mint was jam packed full of flavor but honestly thats all i can say. Yes i do know this is a micro dosage, but having used CBD in the past, i expected more as far as effectiveness. Also, after about 5 minutes of having the Citrus in, it became a nearly unbearable taste. I was very surprised at how good the mint was compared to this. Looking forward to seeing where this goes in the future.

  79. Owen B.

    Great mussel relaxer

  80. Tristen M.

    Was very tasteful and convenient. 10/10 would recommend!

  81. James M.

    Use for chronic headaches, works great!

  82. Chad M.

    Absolutely love it just wish I was able to get myself more than one can

  83. Andy B.

    Finding ways to balance life with having PTSD is a challenge at times. This product allows me to stay calm, relaxed and still maintain focus to work. If I could change one thing it would be to offer a stronger dosage for times when really needed. Out of all the CBD oils and eliquids for vaping I have purchased, this product is by far no comparison. This will now be my only product I choose. All Thanks to Outlaws YouTube video for bring this product to my attention.

  84. Haileu B.

    This stuff is awesome!! It has helped stop headache’s an it’s great after work to pop one or two in an relax.

  85. Tyler R.

    Really liked the taste, like the high dose sample better only thing is only after I had tried the product I found out from asking on the website that y’all won’t garuntee me that it won’t make me fail a drug test so I can no longer use the product due to that fact

  86. Cody R.

    It starts to work in like 10 minutes. Calms me down, gets rid of a headache.

  87. Joe F.

    Before band practice it places me in a mellow,focused state of mind….the mint is fire….humboldt many a night a lay in waste in your warm embrace…..Godspeed

  88. Maddie S.

    Love it!

  89. andrew f.

    Quality, but wish there were more pouches in the can…the tin is huge and could easily accommodate 10-20 more pouches. Adding more pouches would also justify the price per tin a little more to consumers.

  90. Michael L.

    I love the mint flavor but could use more mg of cbd needs to be stronger. The citrus doesn’t last that long the mint lasts a long time.The tins need to be sealed better they seem to dry up quickly after you get them.

  91. kylie C.

    I’m loving this CBD! It’s really convenient to just throw a pouch in and continue with your day. It’s thin so it’s descret enough where you can put one in and have a conversation with someone without them even knowing.

  92. Robert F.

    Very happy and customer service is great

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