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Thomas Lackner


8 months ago

Very strong flavour and last a long time too

3 years ago
Kevin H.

Great product

5 years ago
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John K.

Relaxing, anti-aniexty

5 years ago
Joe S.

I was looking for something that would help me sleep and thought I would try CBD.
It doesn't help me sleep but it has eliminated my craving for chewing tobacco. I have chewed tobacco for 30 years and never thought I could stop.
I prefer the Citrus flavor.
Joe Snoll

5 years ago
Kurt B.

Honestly this dip is so awesome and the best one i have had yet and i will continue to buy this one. Awesome products

5 years ago
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Tip top

9 months ago
Jeremy E.

Awesome flavor and worked great. It was my first time trying cbd and it was truly amazing. Will definitely be purchasing more. Highly recommend

5 years ago
james m.

The flavor of Full American leaves one wanting. The taste reminds me of a bad barbeque sauce, heavy on the brown sugar. Don't misunderstand me, the effects are there, even with one pouch. The downside of this flavor is it's distracting qualities. I do not wish to focus on having a lip in, but the faux-smokey flavor subtracts from the sure quality of the product. Next purchase, I will be trying the citrus.

5 years ago
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Good taste

1 year ago
Harri Hämäläinen

I like this alot. But maybe in the future it could also be 15mg or even 20mg of CBD per pouch.

1 year ago

Very fruity taste and smell of tropical mango, a snus that even the women don't mind kissing.

2 years ago
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Jason M.

Good flavor other than that I d ok my see any benefits to them at all

5 years ago
Joshua S.

Nice flavors. High quality ingredients

5 years ago
Michael S.

Fast shipping but way to weak.

5 years ago
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