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THC Free. Tobacco Free. Nicotine Free.

CBD Infused Pouches - Starter Pack
THC Free
Includes one of each flavour.
Offer available for a limited time only.

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The Original Smokeless
Hemp CBD Pouches

American Spice. Natural Mint. Tangy CItrus.

What Cannadips CBD
Users are saying

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8 months ago
Michael Farenzena
(verified owner)

I tried this product today and I think it's incredible. I felt the strong mint for first, then the salt and CBD. It's a new and a very good product, for relaxing and pains. I recommend CANNADIPS products to everyone who wants to try innovative product to stay healthy.

8 months ago
(verified owner)

Were using snus and nicotine pouches daily since the age of 14 but after 22 years of consuming one can per day I found this fantastic product. It’s now 9 months since I swapped my snus to Cannadips, my tobacco to CBD, is finally free from my addiction to nicotine and I have never felt better

1 year ago
(verified owner)

Finally a product with natural ingredients! Great job!

2 years ago
Kurt B.

Honestly this dip is so awesome and the best one i have had yet and i will continue to buy this one. Awesome products

2 years ago
Kelli M.

Absolutely love this product!! It delivers the CBD fast! Not like an edible which is great. No waiting. I feel the relief quick. I like the citrus flavor the best. Cannadips is definitely my favorite way, other than smiling flower, to get my medicine in me. Thank you for making such a great product!

2 years ago
Cody M.

Flavor kicks in smooth and love it

2 years ago
Ian F.

The best tasting cbd I've ever used. helped my quit chewing, reduce body soreness and Improved sleep substantially

2 years ago
Christopher T.

Flavor was really nice, good ratio of cinnamon, it wasn't overwhelming. I think the dosage is a bit small, more often than not I was throwing in 2 pouches at a time. I'd be happier if 25mg was the standard rather than than 10.

2 years ago
Josh F.

My only complaint is that there isn't an option for a higher mg per pouch. Other than that it's a great overall product.

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